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Matthew Bustillos 10-22-12 Professor Young Journal 8 definition Common Sense Have you ever met someone with no common sense? Didn t you just want to slap them silly? Or on the other hand did you just think that person was stupid? Many people lack common sense do to the fact that they weren t experienced to situations on their own growing up.

Common sense, it has been said, is the most uncommon thing in the world. It is a rare commodity that is not exactly mother or native wit. This is only a clever paradox, which is definitely not true. Tom, Dick and Harry have it. It is the one virtue that is used by us at every step. Even animals have it, which it seems to instinctively show at.

Paine sees government as inherently bad, and does not see government as divinely ordained or otherwise intrinsically valuable. According to Paine, governments can only be measured by their effectiveness, as measured by their ability to improve society without being tyrannical. Paine does not believe that anyone has a right to govern others, which.

Definition Essay A definition essay defines a word, term, or concept in depth while also providing personal commentary on what the specific subject means. Therefore, a definition essay provides a personal, extended definition and illustrates how the word/term/concept should be applied. For example. Essay p.1 Conclusion p.2 Bibliography p.3 1.

Extended Definition “Stupid is as stupid does” is a phrase that means one’s knowledge or lack of knowledge alone does not make him or her smart or stupid. One is simply not stupid because he cannot remember what he learned in school. Therefore, one is also not smart because he can remember what he learned in school. The title of “smart” or “stupid”.

Common sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by ( common to ) nearly all people, and can be reasonably expected of. common sense n. Sound judgment not based on specialized knowledge. [Translation of Latin sēnsus commūnis, common feelings of humanity.] com′mon-sense′ (kŏm. Define common sense and get.

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Essay of Common Sense Wang 1 Mingxun Wang HIS 020 April 6th, 2012 Common Sense Essay In his book Common Sense, Thomas Paine, illustrates three main ideas on the future of American government. First, he argues that a government is natural and necessary. Second, he believes that America should be separated from Britain. Wang 1 Mingxun Wang HIS 020.