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1. Page 1 of 2 Hialeah Gardens High School Suggested Secondary Creative Book Report Ideas 1. Road-Map Book Report: For this report you will create a timeline in the shape of a road map. The road map will show important events from a particular period in history covered in your book in sequential order. a. Include major events that took place.

Create life-sized models of two of your favorite characters and dress them as they are dressed in the book. Crouch down behind your character and describe yourself as the character. Tell what your role is in the book and how you relate to the other character you have made. Create a sculpture of a character. Use any combination of soap, wood, clay.

written by: Stephanie Michael • edited by: Noreen Gunnell • updated: Writing a book report can be as fun and creative as you make it. By working with the teacher, including the required information, and finding a medium you love to work with, completing your book project can be interesting and easy. First things first, you need to.

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Tired of the same old book report formats? Do your students grumble every time you mention the words book reports? Spice up those old book reports with some new, creative ideas. Education World presents 25 ideas for you to use or adapt. In addition: Ideas for cyber book reports ! Are you a teacher who keeps saying I wish I could find a way to make.

Creative book report ideas allow students to display their understanding of the important elements of a novel while also given them a chance to express their creativity and individuality. These alternatives are equally suitable for use with whole-class reading or individual choice novels. Consider using one of the following ideas instead of a.

There are many, many great ways for students to respond to literature. Students especially enjoy creative book reports. These will work for most any book and are especially good when students are reading independent book selections. A quick web search will reveal that there are many ideas out there for creative book reports, but they are not all.