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You don’t have to be a writer to be an author. You have a story worth telling, wisdom worth sharing and ideas the world needs to know about. Call me. I help people write books every day. These are a few ways we can work together: We can collaborate on your book. I can rewrite your first draft. You can tell me your story and I can ghostwrite your.

Welcome to Creative Writing Services, Nancy Shiffrin s personal website. I m the author of two collections of poems, THE VAST UNKNOWING and GAME WITH VARIATIONS, as well as a collection of creative prose, MY JEWISH NAME. I ve also authored, co-authored or consulted on numous works of non-fiction and fiction. My work has appeared in numerous.

Dear Savvy Marketer who has been searching for an alternative to manipulative marketing and copywriting techniques , You are exactly where you need to be especially when you’re burnt out on the standard marketing and copywriting formulas like the problem, agitate and solve approach. I can relate because it really turns me off and I know there is a.

Writing is the single most powerful form of communication. The written word has longevity. It has the capacity to educate, inform, sell, and entertain. A writer’s job is to produce words that resonate with readers — words that shine. What happens to the words you write? Will they end up in a slush pile on an editor’s desk? Sitting in an agent’s.

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Creative writing services require special talents. Not all students are able to write creative projects, especially when there are not clear requirements, guidelines, or topic suggestions. If you have an assignment to write a creative essay, you are welcome to rely on professionalism of our creative team of writers. Creative writing services.

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