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Sir,this is Nor Fatihah Wahidah Salleh from SMUA TAQADDUM MAARIF.I checked your blog and so far I did not see anybody doing an essay on,My mother is my inspiration.I am trying this and I hope your readers like them. Describing a person your admire: My mother is my inspiration. Everyone must have a source of inspiration and encouragement in their.

Quick Answer To write a descriptive essay about your mother, explain what she looks like, sounds like, and what she does for a living. Add personal details that help your mother seem real to readers, such as the foods she likes to cook or the type of perfume she wears. Use your notes to write the body of your essay. Give each paragraph a topic.

As I thought about who had had the greatest impact on my life, I began to think of everyone who had been involved in my academic and athletic careers. I realized that I was looking in the wrong part of my life. These people have passed through my life, yet the person who had the most impact was one who affected me everyday. My mother, by far, has.

Racheal Ray English 1301 February 12, 2011 My Mother On a day to day basis, we are influenced by something, or someone that has a lasting effect in our lives. The fondest memories of my life have all been influenced by family members. To my belief, my mother “Mary Alice Hendrix” is one of the most influential. I am the person and mother I am today.

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My Mother People age and their looks change, but we often remember them as they used to be. When I think of my mother, I see her as she was when I was a little girl growing up. She was a strong willed, confident, and attractive woman. Hair styles changed many times while I was growing up, and my mother’s did, too, but I usually think of her with.

This word associates with something sweet, tender, nice and merciful. We are born little and defenseless to this world and at once we submerge in the heat of her love and anxiety. We listen to her soft voice while she sings songs over our beds and calm down. The great number of dear to the heart words can be said about mothers. She’s the only one.

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My mother actually is an ordinary woman but in her tiny appearance lies an extraordinary fortitude, perseverance, a altruistic soul and a very kindly heart. The kind of mother who brought me up with her whole kindly heart, the kind of persistent woman with strong willpower who had to face the toughest challenges in life, and the kind of person who.