Do curfews keep kids out of trouble

Even with a curfew teens will do what they want to do. If that means sneaking out, lying or skipping school or etc. sneaking out gives a teen a thrill and like they are invincible. That just makes them more likely to do much more dangerous stuff. Also, having a curfew just adds stress on a teen, because they will freak out about running late and.

From: Johnny, Tulare Hi Johnny, Do I believe in curfews? Yes. Do I think they will keep a child out of trouble? It depends what you mean by trouble. If you mean trouble with the law, there is lots of discussion about that. If you mean, Will curfews keep her from getting pregnant? From smoking cigarettes? Trying pot? Drinking? Hanging with the wrong.

dads. They set a lot of rules at home for their kids and sometimes even strict family curfews. But do they work? Can they really keep teens out of trouble, or do they make it worse? Parents like to give curfews for their children like you have to get home at XX time and you can not go anywhere. dads. They set a lot of rules at home for their kids.

Do Curfews keep teens out of trouble? by laura louise Created on: August 11, 2011 Last Updated: August 18, 2011 The current generation has had a lot of bad press and publicity. The big question is why have teens suddenly become the centre of blame?”. If you think that a curfew is going to keep your teen out of trouble you will be very disappointed.

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Yes, because they are off the streets and in homes where they can be safe and out of trouble. I believe that this helps keep kids out of trouble, because they can be. Do Curfews keep teens out of trouble I believe that curfews can keep teens out of trouble but it can also encage them from the nightlife. But then isn t it According to NewsWorks.

Youth curfews are popular. In poll after poll, Americans support laws that restrict teenagers activities during certain hours of the day and night. Youth curfews are also logical. If youngsters are getting into trouble, it makes sense to get them off the streets. There s only one problem with youth curfews: They don t work. And we shouldn t kid.

LAST MONTH, the Justice Policy Institute in San Francisco issued a report touted as the first academic study of youth curfews and supposedly, a fair review of such programs. Unfortunately, the study is inaccurate and defies common sense. One of the programs criticized in the study is in the city of Monrovia, where I serve as chief of police. I.

I believe that this helps keep kids out of trouble, because they can be inside homes doing something productive. Being outside just wastes their time, but they don t realize this, because they think it s okay. We adults have to be there to help teach these young children before it s too late. If we stand up together, we can fight crime and even.