Drinking age research paper

Unsupervised, underage drinking has become an epidemic throughout the world, but in the in America more than anywhere else. Even the president’s 19 year old daughter has been arrested for underage drinking. America has the highest legalized drinking age in the world. In fact, only four countries in the world have a legalized drinking age over 18.

Boston University researchers say the facts don’t lie: keeping the legal drinking age at 21 has been a benefit to the safety of the general public, and all future conversations about trying to lower restrictions should be ignored. “I really do think we can draw the debate to an end,” said William DeJong, a professor in the Department of Community.

I am writing a research paper about lowering the drinking age to 18. I cannot think of where to start and how to outline my research paper. The paper is 5-7 pages. Thesis: (working on it.)something to do with: it is beneficial to lower the drinking age back to 18 years old. I. HELP!! Before you use that as your thesis, you have to decide if it is.

The current legal drinking age in the United States is 21. Are there any reasons for it to be that age? Does that mean that the people older than 21 are more responsible than those under 21? What about citizens being able to vote, buying cigarettes, or even fighting for their country? With those questions being asked, how would this be interpreted?.

The legal drinking age refers to the youngest age at which a person is legally allowed to buy and consumes alcoholic beverages. The drinking age varies from country to country. Here in the United States the legal drinking age is twenty-one. There has been much debate on whether the drinking age in the United States should be lowered from twenty-one.

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Age Is Not The Problem, We Are As midnight struck on November 4, 1998, the eve of Brad s 21st birthday, he went with a group of friends to Rick s American Caf� to celebrate his birthday. He began to play a game of “drink your age.” When he had finished 21 shots and knowing that the record among his friends was 23, he drank 3 more for a total of 24.

Color Rating Legal Drinking Age in the United Kingdom -. About a quarter of students said that they had suffered an accident due to drinking, and around eleven percent said that they had sex without a condom (presstv.com). The reason for so many students being involved in drinking is because the United Kingdom teenagers are among the heaviest.

Should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to a younger age? Read pros, cons, and expert responses in the debate. Free legal drinking age papers, essays, and research.