Informative speech on drinking and driving

Persuasive Speech on Drunk Driving Are you concerned about the potential for someone you love to be involved in a drunk driving accident? If so, you may be looking to put together a persuasive argument against drunk driving. The most persuasive speech, however, usually comes from the heart. In order to fully prepare yourself for a serious.

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PURPOSE: To persuade my audience NOT to drink and drive Every person is accountable for his or her own “right to drink”. Failure to treat this or any “right” responsibly has consequences. The person’s “right” can and should be taken away when the failure to act responsibly endangers others. Today I would like to talk to you about the problems of.

drunk driving Driving intoxicated impacts thousands of peoples lifes every year. Driving drunk costs the United States 132 billion dollars a year. It costs on average per United States citizen 500 dollars a year. Drinking and driving can be preventable. Almost every 90 seconds a person is injured by a drunk. Driving intoxicated impacts thousands of.

People might think that alcohol is something that helps you cut loose and makes you full of energy, but reality check-alcohol is actually a depressant that damages your body in the long run. Alcohol is a problem that affects multiple people and families, but in today’s society it’s affecting teenagers. The horrible facts that I will present to you.

Kendra Lopez Comms 101 Prof. Perkins Persuasive Speech I.Attention 1. You tube video clip, “Dedicated to Loved Ones Lost” 2. Every day in America, another 28 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2011.) II. Central Thesis Drunk driving is an epidemic that continues to have severe.

A speech on drinking and driving should present clear arguments, supported by real-life examples and statistical data, so your audience walks away with a clear. A Persuasive Speech Against Underage Drinking. A persuasive speech against underage drinking I. Introduction: A. Attention Getter: By a show of hands, how You have been asked to give a.

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