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Authorship issues concerning Martin Luther King, Jr. center on claims of Martin Luther King, Jr. having committed plagiarism. These issues fall into two general categories: one is his academic research papers (including his doctoral dissertation), and the other is his speeches. Regarding his PhD dissertation, an academic inquiry concluded in.

King chose the topic of his dissertation – A comparison of the conception of God in the thinking of Paul Tillich and Henry Nelson Wieman – in the winter of 1953. He contacted the two proposed subjects (victims?) in the summer of 53 to ask them if anyone had tried similarly to compare their ideas. His thesis outline was approved in April 1954, and.

Color Rating Martin Luther King Jr. Didn t Wait to Fix Anything – We have been taught at a young age to be obedient to the people that give us the rules. We are taught to follow those rules, and if we disobey those rules we shall be punished. Near the beginning of Dr. King s letter, he mentioned the word, wait. He quotes, “ Wait! It rings in the.

How did King s extensive education affect his career as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement? Although King forwent the life of a scholar by remaining at Dexter Street Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama (where he did not have the opportunity to teach), his studies at Morehouse, Crozer, and Boston University provided meat for his speeches.

Martin Luther King Jr. faught for freedom and was one of the main leaders of the civil rights movement. Minor edit? Martin Luther King Jr. helped make equal rights to black people. He led the civil rights movement and helped end segregation. He gave big words in a church about stoping war. Martin Luther King made an important and powerful speech on.

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Thesis Statement The purpose of this project is to show Martin Luther King Jr. s leadership and challenges for the rights of African-Americans and how it had a impact on the.