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Of Mice and Men is the story of two strong companions: semi-retarded Lennie and his friend and carer George. Set against the backdrop of depression-era California, this is a story of friendship and loneliness, compassion and cruelty, dreams and the harsh reality of life and death. The novel culminates in the death of Lennie, which has relevance to.

Of Mice and Men Historical Research Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, first published in 1937, tells the story of two migrant workers near the Salinas Valley. John Steinbeck’s first novella is considered historical fiction at its finest. Steinbeck developed not only a story of human love, mistreatment, loyalty, and sacrifice, but also a story.

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‘Of Mice and Men’. The best laid schemes o mice an men Gang aft. You must research your character and be prepared to answer questions about Lennie’s.

Of Mice and Men Research Topics Similar to the research papers that were written for Animal Farm by George Orwell, each student will complete a miniature research paper on Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Requirements Each student should write an essay of less than two pages, following standard MLA format as we discussed in class. Your paper.

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Of Men and Mice Research Papers delve into a book by John Steinbeck about two migrant farm workers. John Steinbeck (1902-68) was a writer who was best known for his works written during the thirties, the period of the Great Depression, works which show great sympathy for the plight of the common man. Of Mice and Men, one of his most highly.

Discuss how male relationships are portrayed in the story. Provide an analysis of how Curley’s wife is presented as the sole female character in a male-dominated context. Discuss the actions George chooses to take at the end of the novella. How can his behavior be justified? How can it be criticized? Discuss how the nature of the world and of human.