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For the last decade, the issue of divorce and increased divorce rates in modern society have been a focus of public attention and discussions in all mass media. As a serious social problem, divorces cause numerous effects on our social life, especially on modern young generation. Students of high schools and colleges are very often asked to write.

Introduction To Divorce and Children: As the numbers of divorces filed each decade have increased, psychologists have become very interested in how divorce affects a child mentally, physically, and emotionally. They have also studied long term and short-term effects of divorce on children. For example, according to some reports, children from.

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Studies have found that children who are in elementary school at the time of their parents’ divorce experience more problems dealing with the divorce than children who are pre-school age (Frost & Pakiz, 1990). During the elementary school years, children have a general idea of what divorce is, and some of the changes that will take place in.

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Color Rating Rise of Divorce – In current China, the increase in the number of couples who divorced is accelerating and becoming a social problem. According to an authoritative international organization, the Chinese Academy of Social Science, the number of divorces increased more than six fold from less than 35 million in 1980 to more than 220.

I intend to look at all the different aspects of children in what would typicaly be called a disfunctional family. There have been many studies on this fact. It has been shown time and time again that children that do not come from stable environments are far more likely to be delinquents. I will refrence several of these studies, such as the.

Note (added May 5, 1989): Readers of this paper should be sure to consult the official position paper of the Council of Deacons of Bethlehem Baptist Church entitled, A Statement on Divorce and Remarriage in the Life of Bethlehem Baptist Church. That document, dated May 2, 1989, represents the position on divorce and remarriage that will guide the.