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Ok people I need to do a persuasive speech on an issue that is at least somehow related to music. I m willing to do the work, I just need a topic to go on about, so ca you guys think of any music related issues that are hotly debated, controversial, undecided, and perferably ones that have a bunch of materials. show more Ok people I need to do a.

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Persuasive Speech Outline – Music Downloading opinion and persuasive speech. Information and Facts contained in this paper were gathered from the research of others. These are my own opinions and a summary of others opinions on the topic and research in order to convince the audience of my findings. Comm 222 Outline Title: Music Downloading.

We all know that music education has a lot of pros and some cons, but why do people have to focus more on the cons rather than the pros? I’m not sure if I’m the only one thinking this but it clearly doesn’t make sense. The benefits of music education far out weighs the number of cons! I have heard, and read, only one con that music education.

The speech is in a few days and I still can t think of a good topic to talk about. I ve thought about talking about whether downloading music illegally is ethical or not, but that seems like a really one-sided argument. The topic can be about any aspect of music – artists, CD s, concerts, the. show more The speech is in a few days and I still can t.

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It is very likely that music is the most important thing in my life, which is why I chose music as the genre of my two persuasive speeches. Being a new music major myself, it has become my goal to inspire others to value and enjoy music as much as I do; and by having several first hand experiences, I can relate to and understand what is being.

Outline of persuasive speech Topic : Why we should listen to music? General purpose : to persuade/ to convince Specific purpose : to convince my audience that listening to music gives many benefits Central ideas : listening to music can give significant impacts on your health, emotion and improvement in learning skills It heart disease and stroke.