Philosophy of supervision

People, abundant with potential, unfold in stages. Counseling supervisees are often limited both in their counseling experience and self-awareness. As they develop confidence and expertise, their supervisory needs change. My preferred method of supervision for beginning counselors is a developmental approach. Stoltenberg and Welworth’s (1987).

John Dewey (1933) believed that human development should be the aim of education and supervisors have the capacity to play a significant role this process of development. According to Glickman and Bey (1990) supervision is a vital component to school success and yet supervision is many things to many people. In my research thus far and through my.

Philosophy of Leadership The principal should be a leader of the school and of the community. This role includes many responsibilities but few as demanding as supervision. Ultimately the principal is responsible for supervision of the students, the entire staff, the physical school, and all school events. These assignments seem at times.

The Leiden University Institute for Philosophy harbours research on the history of philosophy, and the philosophy of language, culture, ethics, anthropology, and.

My supervision philosophy is centered on the provision of an open and supportive supervisory environment for student therapists who can then recreate the same type of atmosphere in their delivery of therapy to their clients. As described by Emerson s (1996) concept of the parallel processes (p. 396), I will adopt the supervisory processes that can.

What makes good supervision? Here are some of my ideas about what I value in supervision as a supervisee, and about what I try to offer in turn as a supervisor. The Environment, Aims and Focus of Supervision I believe the primary value of supervision comes from having a safe and supportive environment in which the supervisee can build on their own.

Valerie Correa, M.A., L.M.F.T., Psy.D 802 D Officers Row Vancouver, WA 98661 (503)869‐1183 cell (360)993‐5262 fax [email protected] Philosophy of Supervision Before delving into the specifics of supervision, I must first share why supervision is a professional commitment of mine. I believe that supervision is walking along with a beginning.

M.Ed., LMFT (NC) 1245 Registered Marriage and Family Therapist 89116 (Can.) Certified Emotionally Focused Therapy Supervisor and Trainer Winnipeg, Canada * Greensboro, NC Clinical Supervision for Couple Therapists Why Clinical Supervision For Couples Therapists? I approach couple and family therapy supervision with an integrative model, influenced.