Review movie gravity

The Times critic A. O. Scott reviews Gravity.

While the tension never lets up for a second, how you respond to the boundary-fudging and wildly improbable ending of Gravity – meaning both how it makes you feel and how you interpret it – will determine whether you think the movie is a genuine pop masterpiece or a canny artifice. Maybe there’s no difference. Mind boggling visuals, with fantastic.

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I will never trust the critics again, they should have their credentials taken away. This was not only boring but so misleading. George Clooney barely makes a cameo in the movie and basically for 90 minutes we watch Sandra Bullock gasp for air and cry. I am completely flabbergasted by their 100 point reviews. I actually love George and Sandra but.

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Alfonso Cuarón s Gravity, about astronauts coping with disaster, is a huge and technically dazzling film. Watching Sandra Bullock and George Clooney s spacefarers go about their business, you may feel—for the first time since The Right Stuff, perhaps—that a Hollywood blockbuster grasps the essence of a job that many can t imagine without feeling.

See Gravity in theaters, because on television something will be lost. Alfonso Cuarón has made a rare film whose mood, soul and profundity is bound up with its images. To see such images diminished would be to see a lesser film, perhaps even a pointless.

Did those who ve written glowing reviews of Gravity see the same movie I did? Look, I wanted to like this flick, I really did. And I don t want to rag on it, but if you re going to make a dramatic science thriller, you had better get it right or expect to catch it from the smart people. Despite the cosmic setting, the only star I can give Gravity.