Stuff is not salvation summary

Stuff is Not Salvation After reading “Stuff is Not Salvation” by Anna Quidlen, It felt as if she wrote my thoughts of society on paper. It made me realize that I’m not the only person who views humans and especially Americans as a materialistic genome. In the essay, she basically explains that the vast majorities of people that have a strong and.

As the boom times fade, an important holiday question surfaces: why in the world did we buy all this junk in the first.

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Valued Possessions vs. Insignificant Desires Anna Quindlen, a novelist, social critic, and journalist wrote an intriguing essay “Stuff is Not Salvation” about the addiction of Americans, who splurge on materialistic items that have no real meaning. The ability to obtain credit is one of the main reasons to blame for society’s consumption epidemic.

Anna s purpose for writing Stuff is Not Salvation was to show how our society has been put into debt by mass over consumption. She illustrates how our society under appreciates what we have due to over buying and over spending on things that are wanted and not needed. Anna s solution to the problem of out of control consumption seemed to be instead.

What passes for the holiday season began before dawn the day after Thanksgiving, when a worker at a Wal-Mart in Valley Stream, N.Y., was trampled to death by a mob of bargain hunters. Afterward, there were reports that some people, mesmerized by cheap consumer electronics and discounted toys, kept shopping even after announcements to clear the.

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Anna Quindlen s Stuff is Not Salvation tells her experience and her view of consumerism of today s time. She often questions how people indulge in consuming and are mesmerized by cheap consumer electronics and discounted toys. I agree with her eye opening view points it even made me exam my own impulses. We don t need materalistc stuff because we.

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