Thesis statement for lowering the drinking age to 18

In the United States at age 18, a person is legally allowed to buy tobacco, vote, get married, enlist in the military, and work in a bar, among other privileges. However, in most states, he cannot legally drink champagne at his own wedding or have a beer with his fellow comrades. 18 is the age of adulthood in the United States, and adults should.

Sample Thesis Paper A young boy was driving very precariously. So much so that he had a brutal accident in which his car rolled over nearly half a dozen times until it finally landed upside down on the side of the road. A passing motorist stops and after having dragged the driver out from the wreckage, asks him, Why in God’s name were you driving.

Nonsense! Clearly the drinking age should be lowered to 18. If a person is old enough to vote, and has the mental capacity to decide who should make the country s. The legal drinking age is the age at which a person can consume or purchase alcoholic beverages. These laws cover a wide range of issues and behaviours, addressing. This is a tough.

As we are all aware of, the United States of America has ruled that the legal drinking age is twenty-one. Many citizens, including myself, believe this to be preposterous. We all have our reasons for believing which side of the line is best, and this essay includes mine. I know that some of you may believe that twenty-one is a suitable and.

Drinking Age Lowering Drinking Age: A Crucial Decision? Thesis statement: Despite the fact that many Americans claim that persons under 21 do not have the capacity to handle drinking, in my opinion, drinking age should be lowered from 21 to 18 due to the fact that teenagers at the age of 18 can make important. Lowering Drinking Age: A Crucial.

Alcohol belongs in the category of psychoactive substances one can legally buy in almost any country, according to certain criteria. Most often this criteria is age; in the majority of cases, it is set to 21 years. However, in a number of countries such as Australia, China, or Russia, it is set to 18 (ICAP). In the United states, calls for lowering.

Lowering the drinking age, especially in today s society will help young adults to be more responsible for their actions and make better decisions. A lower drinking age will promote responsibility in younger adults as well as providing role models for even younger.

LOWERING THE DRINKING AGE It is legal for eighteen year-olds to die for their country, it is legal for eighteen year-olds to marry, and it is legal for eighteen year-olds to vote. Why then isn t it legal for eighteen year-olds to drink? I don t think that is right, and I believe that the drinking age in the United States should be lowered from.

Should Alcohol Drinking Age Be Decreased of Increased? Should alcohol drinking age be decreased of increased? In my opinion it should be decreased because if we are classified as an adult and we are allowed to get married and etc. Why are we not allowed to drink. Lowering the drinking age would teach kids how to be more responsible at a younger.