Video game persuasive speech

664 original persuasive speech topics. Student? Teacher? This list is for you! Great list of creative, interesting ideas to create a perfect speech. Dialogues are a very vital part of any visual media of entertainment, which means video games as well. And the stronger and well-written the dialogues are, the better. There is a small but important.

Reilly Owens Persuasive speech about video games for summer online communication applications.

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Update: this is what i came up with(thank you) Before you decide if video game violence is harmful, I am going to show you how video game violence can be a stress outlet, then some myths about video game violence, and finally prove to you that the real acts of violence such as school shootings do not relate to violence. * There are rating on the.

I am not a video game addict but many of my acquaintances are. I am not a video game fan simply because I am not good as others at playing with the same enthusiasm and commitment. My acquaintances like playing video games because it helps them relax and feel as if they were kids again. Their children also play video games developed specifically for.

Sorry about the conclusion. There were real live people there, I.

Best Answer: I just did a persuasive speech in my communications class about how video games are educational, you could try that. I got a pretty good grade. Or you could talk about what game console is the best or what video game is the best. Or you could say if video games cause violent behavior. I think the first three would be more fun.

In today’s society the entertainment industry is being attacked from many angles. Television is being criticized by showing images of violence and aggression, music is being ridiculed for explicit lyrics, and within the last decade the issue of videogame violence and children has come to the attention of the mass media. The media, politicians, and.

Persuasive Speech Against Video Games Thesis: The rise of the video game has had many negative effects on children. INTRODUCTION Attention-getter: Whenever I look out from my window at home, nothing but memories come back to me. The house three doors down was the unsuspecting target of the foul balls we would hit when we use to play. Thesis: The.