What is a reaction paper in college

As you progress through your college education, invariably you will encounter at least one instructor that will expect you to give an opinion regarding a book, article or quotation. The instructor, when he or she does this, is looking for your reaction to the materials being read and studied. A reaction paper is the essay you write in response to.

Every discussion class requires a Reaction Paper from every student (including Discussion Leaders). Each paper is worth a maximum of two points. Papers must be submitted in person at the beginning of the class period in which they are due. First they are intended to demonstrate your comprehension of the assigned readings that will be discussed in.

In writing a good reaction paper, it is not enough to simply praise the strengths or criticize the weaknesses of the text in question. More than that, you must be able to justify your reaction. It is important to provide the reasons why, for example, the first chapter of a novel is dragging, or why the thesis of a particular essay carries a strong.

A response or reaction paper is a bit of a twist on a formal review of a book, artwork, or article, because response papers are written from the first person point of view, which simply means that you can and should use phrases like “I thought” and “I believe” when reviewing. Observe or read the piece for an initial understanding Re-read the piece.

Reaction or response papers are usually requested by teachers so that you ll consider carefully what you think or feel about something you ve read. The following guidelines are intended to be used for reacting to a reading although they could easily be used for reactions to films too. Read whatever you ve been asked to respond to, and while.

Ordinarily, if your instructor asks you to write a summary of something you ve read, it is to help you to clarify what you read and to enable the instructor to determine whether you ve understood it. Because this kind of assignment is limited to presenting others ideas, an instructor will often combine it with a reaction assignment, to find out.

Reaction Paper 4: The Prince and the Pauper Monica Sharma I read The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain and enjoyed reading about a wealthy prince name Edward Tudor and a pauper name Tom Canty trading lives with each other and experiencing how it is like to live a life that is totally opposite from what they are used to. It really made me.

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HANDY-DANDY GUIDE TO WRITING A REACTION PAPER If you were to ask 10 people, How do I write a Reaction Paper? you d probably get 10 different responses. No one seems to know exactly how to do one, yet almost everyone is assigned one at some point in his or her academic career. Here is a guide to what faculty are usually looking for in a well-written.