Why felons should not vote

Felons are still affected by laws made by politicians. Laws could be made about the court system or anything else that might have an impact on their lives. Since they are still a part of our democratic society, it would be wrong to take away the right to choose the people affecting them. This is just a way to disenfranchise people Of course they.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Richard is a felon, but he s not about to start assigning blame. I had a pretty decent childhood, is all he has to say about the rundown homes and apartments he moved between as a boy with his mother and grandparents and other assorted relatives in Montgomery. The fact that his mother, a nursing-home attendant, and grandmother, a.

Voting is a right, but not an unconstrained one. The right to vote is not granted to those under the age of eighteen. That age limitation demonstrates that voting rights may be restricted when there is reason to doubt the potential voter’s good judgment. Resident aliens are excluded from voting on the grounds that their interests are not.

OUR VIEW: Let them participate Texas representatives in Congress should support a federal effort that encourages all states to do what Texas already has done: allowing ex-felons to vote after completing any probation or parole. Antiquated laws that prevent ex-felons from voting keep an estimated 5.85 million Americans from fully participating in.

01.03.2014 · I definitely agree that people who are currently incarcerated should not be allowed to vote because they can’t follow the rules now, so they Occasionally, people ask about the constitutional basis for denying felons the right to vote (set aside here the policy arguments about that). The answer is that it. 16.07.2012 · More than 5.85.

This year, more than 600,000 people will be released from prison, returning to their families and their communities, many of them intent on starting over and building a better life. These people face many challenges in reentering the world outside the prison walls – getting a job, finding a place to live, staying out of trouble, staying away from.

For more info on how to use Twitter, click here. Do Now Most states don’t allow prisoners to vote, and some even permanently disenfranchise felons after their release. Should felons have the right to vote, and at what point? Introduction United States Attorney General Eric Holder recently called on states with some of the strictest voting rules to.