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By Mikey Rox for indiereader.com Think back to last Halloween. What did you dress as – a superhero, vampire, sexy kitten? There are so many words to sum up those costume choices, but boring will suffice. This year, ditch the dull duds and get gussied up in an outfit that you’ll be proud to wear. This list of literary icons provides adequate.

Looking for a last minute literary Halloween costume? The infographic compiles costumes famous authors like Oscar Wilde, Truman Capote, and Anne Rice have worn.   (Infographic by  website.

Academy of American Poets The Academy of American Poets is the largest membership-based nonprofit organization fostering an appreciation for contemporary poetry and supporting American poets. For over three generations, the Academy has connected millions of people to great poetry through programs such as National Poetry Month, the largest literary.

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you’re the writerly (read: introverted, inside-cat) type, you may be experiencing some anxiety about dressing up in a costume and walking the streets. But take heart: some of your very favorite authors have been known to don a costume from time to time, too. So it must be cool, right? This slideshow is also.

Sir Cecil Beaton earned renown as a fashion photographer in the 1920s and 30s before becoming an award-winning costume designer for stage and film productions. Sir. An index of costume links, for those who study and/or make costumes: costumers, students, historical re-enactors, science fiction fans, professionals, amateurs.

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Rather than dressing up as a pirate or a sexy nurse this Halloween, why not take a nerdier approach and go out as your favorite book character? Here are a few of our favorite literary Halloween costume ideas that you can pull off in 10 minutes. Got any of your own? (Also, consider carrying a copy of the book with you for the uninitiated—it.

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